In Memory

Nik Hanig

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10/10/09 03:58 PM #1    

Andrew Hood

I think of you nearly every day Nik.

I'll never forget how we scheduled our classes together so we could get there before the teacher and turn down the A/C to freezing. Sorry everyone who froze in our classes. :)

Always setting the doors to lock behind the teachers. So that they ended up locking themselves out all the time. HAHAHA...and then we got busted. Oops!

Boxing in your garage...and that was even before Fight Club..I think.

Anyway "Bud"...I live the life I do today because of some of the lessons you taught me. all...Wear your seat belts! And enjoy every precious moment you have on this plane of existence.

Nik...I'll never forget you. Hugo Boss 4 life brother!

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